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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

car speakers

In high school I dropped hundreds of dollars on some sound system boosts for my car. My car, however, is a '99 Mazda Protege and now that I look it at it I find myself asking, "What made you think this car deserved such an upgrade?" I did get a sweet sticker out of the deal, one that makes my car easy to pick out in an assembly line of like models.

A few months ago, the back speakers went out, and so now only the front ones work. The boom in the back is still bumpin, but I feel sorry for the people who sit in my back seat. They hear "boom..boom boom" while us in the front get more of the whole picture. Yesterday, however, the front speakers went out. So now all anyone hears is "boom...boom boom". Life sucks.

It's quite commical actually to turn the volume up and just drive around with nothing but subs booming and try to guess the song. It's next to impossible, but occassionally I actually get one.

The scary part about it is when I drive over pot-holes or railroad tracks. The sudden jolt of the car sometimes must put a wire back in place because suddenly I hear music, loud music. Imagine driving down the street with subs audible. No other sound, however, makes its ways into your ear canal. Then, suddenly, Chiddy Bang is yelling in your ear that he 'once was a kid' and that he once had a dream. Meanwhile, I'm looking around like crazy trying to locate my phone that I was unaware could play a ringtone so loud...after my initial semi-scream of startledness. Then of course I calm down and thank God for the speaker fix. Only to find that the next pot-hole tweaks the speakers again, and I'm left without music until some abnormality in the road decides to scare me.

The car is old, 170k miles on the bad boy, should I drop money to fix the speakers, or just let it go?

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  1. lol, Donald and I could probably fix it if you were around.