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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer depression

The longest day of the year today, June 21. It's the best day of the year, but the fact that every day from now until sometime in the middle of the frozen, icy, windy month of December is shortening is just depressing. I enjoy when it's almost 9:45pm and you're still driving around with the windows down and the sun still in view, even if half of it is hidden behind the super flat horizon of Idaho. Waking up with the sun shining through the blinds is pure bliss. It makes you feel like there is something worth getting up for instead of college courses that make you want to pull your hair out... your nose hair, one by one.

It's also depressing to read about the potential NBA lockout. I don't fully understand what both sides are trying to do, and what someone getting paid 90 million a year couldn't do with 10 million a year. Even 10 million, in my opinion, is about 10 million too much, after all, you're playing with an inflatable ball, and every time you NBA players open your mouth I'm wondering why we even strive to teach children English at all. Don't need no grammar, know what I'm sayin'? To bring home no bacon, ya feel me?

You know what else has me thinking about the color blue? It's June, and this is the first week we have 6 consecutive days with no rain in the forecast. I'm OK with rain, honest, but when it's guaranteed to be icy, 6ft snow, and -20 degrees for vast majority of the year I think we deserve at least June, July, August and September to be at least sunny.

But there's a lot to be proud of and happy about. I've got myself up to the big 13 on Twitter, which has become a nice place for me to rant, and drop my little bombs of nutrition wisdom. Also, did I mention that this year: LA got swept, Lebron lost in the finals, Dirk Nowitzki has a ring, Canada lost to Boston in the Stanley Cup finals, and I found Umpqua ice cream 20 minutes from my house? Not that I'll ever eat it, but Oregon south county represent!!

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