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Friday, June 17, 2011

Twitter Thoughts

I've heard of twitter. I remember when people talked about it as if it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. I didn't understand it then, and it doesn't look any more understandable now. I created a Twitter account back in 2010, October of 2010 to be exact. It took about 15 seconds for me to think it a waste of time, it didn't make any sense, and who can stand only speaking in 140 characters or less?

It's been several months and about 3 weeks ago I logged back in. I logged back in after hearing repeatedly on ESPN and SportsCenter type shows about athletes who 'tweeted this' or 'tweeted earlier about so and so' and thought to myself, "What? Athletes find a use for this? I couldn't make heads or tails out of it." It doesn't help that now I have a phone smarter than me, a phone with twitter capabilities beyond my dreams.

Now I find myself addicted. Addicted to what I'm not sure. Maybe its the fact that I can have countless articles to read on things that I'm actually interested in by going to one place instead of searching, or maybe its because I have a few friends on Twitter that I actually know from real life. Remember real life? It could also be that now I don't have to go to CNN.com to get facts, I just have to look at the Twitter trends... right? I mean, c'mon, Twitter gets the word out fast. Rumors everywhere rejoice at this relatively new technology. Why, just the other week, while the NBA finals were on, word got out that supposedly Rashard Lewis was using some his own talents in South Beach on Lebron's girlfriend. Within 30 minutes the whole Twitter nation was eating it up. CNN had nothing on this story.

So, I suppose I'm hooked now, never to go back to the way things were. But its not all my fault that I look at Twitter followers as level ups in those old school video games, is it? I got me 9 followers...level 9.

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