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Thursday, June 23, 2011

tough crowd, tough crowd

Recently, the news has taken up a story with a Marine Leiutenant Colonel. Instead of the story dealing with how he helps ensure our nations freedoms and keep the peace, it's about his 'inappropriate' remarks during a baseball game in which he - while being in Cardinals live broadcast booth - suggested using a tank to stop Philadelphia pitcher Roy Halladay from doing what he does best...throw strikes.


Col. Tomko: I'll tell you what, with that M1A1 Abrams(tank) we got across the street, if Halladay keeps on pitching well, we can fix that with one round pretty quickly.

Cards broadcaster Dan McLaughlin: - awkward laugh - I'm sure you could. I don't know if we should say that, but you just did.

Now, maybe I am the only one who gets the joke, or maybe we live in a world where we've finally reached the breaking point. What is it about this remark that renders it worthy of national news? What does it say about the sense of humor of the world today? I personally think it was funny. Not only the joke itself but that it came from a Marine. I mean, is that not something a Marine would say? Do we really think Col. Tomko was seriously contemplating, or advocating, jumping into an M1A1 tank, driving it across the street, through a wall of the stadium, taking aim at Roy Halladay and letting one go, leaving not a pitchers mound but a pitchers crater in its wake?

I have to think we've officially lost it. Maybe Led Zeppelin's lead singer Robert Plant's question to the fans during a live performance of Stairway to Heaven needs to be echoed worldwide once again. "Does anyone remember laughter?"

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