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Saturday, June 18, 2011


I can admit without the least bit feeling of bashfulness that I haven't really visited that many places on this seemingly suspended sphere of rocks and highly concentrated salt water. I had little control over this as a child, my father wasn't in the Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Army. I suppose I could have saved you reading a few too many words by simply saying my father was no military man. My family never moved. Well, we did move, when I was 2 years old so I was pretty much in charge of piling up and labeling boxes during the whole ordeal.

I recently took a trip to the Cayman Islands, and the voluminous ship known as the Carnival Inspiration also took port in Cozumel, Mexico. It seemed natural to walk off the ship in a new place that I had never seen, never even been within 2000 miles of before that moment. I never lost any sleep thinking that these places hadn't existed years before simply because I had never been there. To put it a little simpler, I've never been to China, but I believe it exists, its there, across the Pacific. Where else could our toys come from? Where would we get lead painted fire engines, for ages 3+?

I had heard of friends of family who had gone to Cozumel themselves in years past, celebrating anniversaries, summer vacation, and all sorts of other cruise-worthy celebrations. I suppose now, looking back and pondering on the amazing faith my young mind had in the existence of a place I had never seen, that this assurance from others who had been there helped my faith increase.

Now I come to a troubling matter, one that has puzzled me since about Sophomore year in high school. Keep in mind my geographical location is west coast USA. Anything further east than Utah is considered 'east coast' and I...well, my people don't go there.

Has anyone ever been to Delaware? Any of you seen a Delaware license plate on a Geo Metro? Remember when Deleware.... ...Ratified the Constitution, first? ... yeah, me neither.

I've heard all about Delaware since 1st grade, heck, am I not correct by saying its known as being the first state to ratify the constitution and therefore becoming the 'first state' of this increasingly chaotic nation? (I hope it is, because that was bubble 'A' on a multiple choice test in high school, and I marked it with a certain confidence). I've never seen any proof of its existence, nor heard from any trusted source of its reality other than a rather suspicious looking Wikipedia page. Sports teams from Delaware? Nope. Aforementioned license plates? Never graced me with their presence. I'm tempted to believe its a hoax. For what, however, I'm still unsure.

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